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We meet: Every Tuesday at noon at the Marriott Hotel, 350 E Horsetooth Rd
  Every other Tuesday at 5:00pm at Odell Brewing, 800 E Lincoln Ave
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Purple Pins for Polio!
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You are invited to the Rotary Leadership Institute - Fort Collins, CO detailed below. To register for this event click on "Register Online" below. You can also book family and friends.
Rotary Leadership Institute - Fort Collins, CO
Apr 07, 2017 at 05:30 PM - Apr 08, 2017 at 04:00 PM
Fort Collins, CO
United States
Learn everything about Rotary that you didn't know you didn't know, and meet Rotarians from around your region to exchange ideas! Pssst ... you don't have to be an officer to attend, and attending doesn't sentence you to a leadership role in the near future.
RLI believes that excellent CLUB leadership (all types of club leaders) is essential to the future of Rotary in a complex and fast changing world. Most Rotarians have not been exposed to the great scope of Rotary around the world nor had the opportunity to meet other Rotarians to discuss specific ways we can all move Rotary forward.

** Please note this is a Friday evening and Saturday all-day program, enabling you to "graduate" from RLI all in one weekend!
** Dinner Friday and lunch Saturday will be provided. The program runs from 5:30 to 8:30 pm on Friday and 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Saturday.
  • Learn about the evolution of Rotary and its activities in the world.
  • Discover leadership strategies for your club, work, or other volunteer activities by participating in  interactive discussion.
  • Best of all, fulfill one of the key purposes of Rotary by networking with Rotarians from across the District.
**If you've already attended, please personally invite a club member you believe would benefit from joining RLI.

The overriding goal of the courses for club Rotarians is to create ENTHUSIASM for Rotary by opening up to them the world of Rotary outside of their own clubs and also showing them the great potential of Rotary service for the benefit of the world that can be furthered with excellent leadership in our clubs.

Graduates of RLI bring a greatly enhanced background in Rotary when they serve in their club or represent Rotary in their community.
Thank you
For District 5440
John Stewart (Event Chair)

We're honored to be able to support Food Bank with our yearly Holiday Baskets project!  And an extra $1700 donation today.

An afternoon of bowling with plenty of Food, Fun and Fellowship.
Lane Sponsorship:  $250.00
2 hours bowling:  $20/adult, $10 each for children under 16
When: January 29, 2017, 1:30 to 4:00 PM
Where: Chippers Lanes Fun Center, 217 W Horsetooth Road, Fort Collins
Who: Contacts:  Bill Brayden, Ruth Lutes, Bruce Hottman
Please join us for an afternoon of Fun and Fellowship and help to eradicate polio from the planet!
Did you know?    
  • 4 new polio cases have been reported in Nigeria in 2016.Nigeria had reported zero cases of wild polio virus in 2015 and we were celebrating a polio free Nigeria.
  • 34 new polio cases were reported worldwide -12 in Afghanistan and 18 in Pakistan.
  • Until polio is completely eradicated, all of the more than 125 million babies born every year will need to be vaccinated for polio.
  • $25.00 can vaccinate 42 children.
  • All donations to Purple Pins for Polio count toward your Paul Harris Fellow award and receive double matching funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Top 5 Reasons to sign-up for  Purple Pins for Polio Sponsorship:
  • You will help rid the world of polio.
  • With the Bill & Melinda Gates double matching funds, your $250.00 sponsorship is tripled and the $750.00 contribution to Rotary Foundation will pay for vaccination of 1260 children.
  • All donations count towards your Paul Harris Fellow awards.Consider contributing additional funds to your next Paul Harris Fellow award at this time when your donation is multiplied by 3X in total contributions to Rotary Foundation.
  • As a Sponsor of Purple Pins for Polio, your business name will be displayed at Chippers Lanes for the weekend of the bowling event and the Fort Collins Rotary clubs will notify all Rotarians in the area that you are a sponsor and recommend they patronize your business in appreciation of your generous support.
  • Whether you can join the bowling event on January 29 or not, you’ll feel good that you are a part of the cause.
November 29th will be truly special:  A chance for our noon group to meet up with our evening group!  It's going to be 5:00-6:30pm at the Marriott, probably in the Pavilion.  Come and meet up with everyone in a more relaxed, social atmosphere!
In case you ever wonder if our contributions are making a difference in the community, here are some great examples!
We have a great opportunity to fill 10,000 meal packets for children in need!  It's 11:30-1:30 October 18th, at Exodus Moving.  If you haven't signed up yet, contact Kathe today.  And bring a friend!

It's time for our club picnic again!

Sunday, September 11, 3:00-7:00

Mark and Pru Goldrich's house
1212 Clark St
Fort Collins 80524

Yes, it will be catered by Hog Wild BBQ again this year!  So bring your family, a dish to share, and join in a great afternoon!

District 5440 will be offering three scholarships this year.  All are highly competitively based.

1)  The first scholarship is the Rotary Foundation Peace Scholarship/Fellowship which began in 2002.

This world-wide competitively offered fellowship/scholarship is offered annually.  It is designed for individuals who are leaders, humanitarians, and interested in earning a 1) Master’s Degree in international relations, sustainable development, peace studies, or conflict resolution or 2) a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies.  

If applying for the Master’s Degree:  The individual should have  a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent plus three (3) years related  work experience.  Related volunteer work would also be helpful in obtaining this fellowship/scholarship.  He/she should be proficient in a second language.  It is an 18-24 month program.

If applying for the certificate program the individual should have a strong academic background plus five (5) years related work experience.   They should be proficient in English.  It is a 3 month program.

This Rotary Peace Fellowship includes: tuition and fees; room and board; round-trip transportation and internship/field study expenses.

Dates and Deadlines:

Club Candidate Endorsement: May TBD, 2017
Club Endorsed Candidate’s Application emailed to district (rotary5440@yahoo.com): May TBD, 2017
District Committee Interviews: May TBD, 2017
District Committee Selected Applications sent to The Rotary Foundation: June TBD , 2017
The Rotary Foundation Selection and Notification: November 2017

Program(s) Begin – 2018 -2019


2)  The second scholarship is the District Scholarship which began in 2014.   

The District Scholarship program is a collaborative effort between District 5440 and our district universities.

 Working in partnership with Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Wyoming (all located within the district), a total of three (3) District Scholarships are offered annually. 

The students at each university apply for this scholarship through their university’s Study Abroad Department.  Each Study Abroad Department markets, administers, and oversees these scholarships. The applicants from each of the university’s compete with each other for these scholarships.

District 5440 Scholarship Committee’s only role is selecting the scholars.  The club’s World Scholarship Committee role is to help market this scholarship, be willing to become a sponsoring club, and identify a club sponsor to selected scholars.

The three scholarships are: $2,500. Field/Summer Seminar Scholarship; and a $2,500 and $5,000 International Study Scholarship.

Dates and Deadlines:

Application Deadline: March TBD, 2017
Local Interviews: April TBD, 2017
District Interviews: April TBD, 2017
Selection: May TBD, 2017
Program Begin: May 2017


3)  The third scholarship is the Centennial Global Grant Scholarship which is beginning this year, 2016-2017.

­­­This is another highly competitive scholarship that is offered by our district, specifically the District 5440 Scholarship Committee, a club World Scholarship Committee and the Rotary Foundation.

This is a $30,000 Scholarship that we hope to offer annually to an individual who meets the following key requirements.  He/she will be:

  • Pursuing a career in one of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus (Humanitarian and Service oriented),

  • Studying, doing research or an internship abroad  at the graduate level

(Note: This scholarship cannot be used to fund studies already begun.),

  • Enrolling in at least a one year academic program,

  • Enrolling in a study region with a Rotary presence (need Rotary Host)

  • Verifying that they are NOT Rotarian, or within 2 generations in past 3 years

Process and Timeframe:

  • Participating club presidents will establish a World Scholarship Committee and chair of that committee by September 9th, 2016.  Please email the chair’s name and contact information to moneal.rotary@aol.com by said date.  Since this will involve the global grant process it would be good to have a resource person  familiar with this process.

  • A “ How To” informational packet will be emailed out September 16th – 20th

  • Individual/teleconference help will be available, as well as, on-site help at our Fall Assembly.

  • Clubs will market, recruit, and chose their selected candidate – September – December

  • Club selected candidate’s complete application due to District Scholarship Committee by:

December 9th, 2016

  • The District 5440 Scholarship Committee will conduct interviews and select District

Candidate and alternate December 2016 and January 2017

  • The winning candidate and club will be announced at spring Centennial dinner-

April 29, 2017

The winning club will submit a global grant application on The Rotary Foundation site – TBD

Program begin – August/September 2017.

For more information go to:   rotary5440.org, Grants/Scholarships/Foundation, and/or google – Rotary Peace Fellowship or Global Grant Scholarship Supplement.

Bruce Hottman has been our magnificent Club President for 2015-2016, and we welcome the new leadership of Jacque Niedringhaus!
What a great day of building the new gardens at Teaching Tree in September - and this was just the morning crew!
Let's make this the last year we have to raise funds for Polio!
The Peach Festival was another resounding success!  We had a fundraising goal of $65,000.  That was pretty aggressive, but we made $71,000.
Our club received $6915, which we will certainly put to good use in our causes.
Meanwhile, the effort also contributed $23,882 to STEM efforts in our community.
Great work, everyone, and THANK YOU!
Today, Jerry Westbrook awarded our Rotary Club with a special commendation for our contributions to End Polio Now.  And there's more to come after the Purple Pins benefit in 2016!
We are proud to see that the bikers completed their trek across the US and met their fundraising goals to fight polio!
Foothills Rotary Club is honored to contribute $1000 to support the wonderful work that ChildSafe does in our community!
Several people have wondered how they can share information and photos through our club's Facebook page.  It's amazingly easy!
Then look for this box near the top:
You can go ahead and write something, or click on "Photo" to upload a picture from your computer.  When you're done, just hit the button and it'll be made visible to hundreds of people following our page.
Couldn't be easier!

On September 15th, we are honored to welcome Sal Giunta, the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam war.

60 Minutes report

This is a special event, so you MUST RSVP by September 3rd using this link.

It was great to be visited by our District Governor Ken Small, and AG Jerry Westbrook.  We greatly appreciate Ken's support and leadership for District 5440!

He mentioned the importance of the Guatemala project that we're starting.  The need for clean cookstoves is huge, as there are a great number of respiratory problems due to burning fires in the homes.  And it's dangerous for the children!

Ken reminded us that Africa has had no new cases of polio for a full year now, which is a direct result of Rotary's dedication for thirty years.  Our contributions matter!

District Assembly is October 3 in Cheyenne, and District Conference is May 19-21 2016 in Jackson Hole.  These will be great events to work with our colleagues on some of the large issues we're tackling.

And the RI Conference is May 28 - June 1 2016 in Seoul!

The Peach Festival is Saturday August 22nd, and we need your help!  Volunteer in these 3 easy steps:
1) Click this link to see our club's Sign-Up on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/6mr66C
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.  Just enter your contact information and answer the simple questions and you will be registered.
I can't believe my year of being President of our club is here.  We have a great club with a lot of tradition and I'm honored and humbled to be your President during the 2015-16 year!

In working closely with our Leadership, our President Elect, Jacque, and having met with many members.  I've outlined goals I’d like the club to achieve this year and next. 
  • Have Fun (as always)
  • Increase Awareness of Rotary Service -  “what we do”
  • Increase Engagement of our Rotary Passion -  “taking action”
  • 1+ year goals:
    • Identify a longer term project
    • Younger members, diversity & club satellite
    • Grant Development in our club
    • International Project
  • Lastly, don't screw up a good thing!  
In my year and a half of preparing for this role I've been incredibly inspired by what Rotary stands for and what our club has accomplished over the years!  However there is still a lot of service that is needed in our community and the world. 
Let’s have a great year and continue “To Improve Lives!”.
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